What is Myre?

“Myre” is a graphic novel series focusing on a feisty maned wolf character named Myre who wanders the foreign and harsh world of Yria, struggling to survive and searching for adventure. Along the way, she and her dragon sidekick Varug meet colorful and sometimes dangerous characters, take part in harrowing schemes and unwittingly become entangled in a plot that involves the balance of their world.

“Myre” is a crowd-funded project, having raised over 40,000 Euros between July 26th and September 14th of 2014. The goal was originally set at 22,000 Euros. Because of the overwhelming support for the project, several stretch goals were set, including the production of a documentary film to be produced on the creation of the project (release date to be announced).

The series is planned to be released in three volumes, both paperback and hardcover. Each volume will have approximately 100 pages and will be completely in full color. The time frame for the completion of the entire series is difficult to estimate, but the first volume is planned to be released in Autumn of 2015.

The world of Yria is a massive place with many characters who all have stories of their own. Beyond “Myre”, there is a great possibility of expansion into other realms with other characters using other media which we hope will become a reality in the future. The production of other graphic novels, comics, animations, table top games and even video games have been discussed. Presently, all are being considered.

For more information on “Myre's” current state of production, please check the most recent blog updates from the Myre team.

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