Welcome to the Myre founders blog!

After many days of hard work to get this blog going and set up for you, I can finally open the door that leads you into the creation of Yria. Once again, I would like to thank you for your support on the campaign to make this journey of Myre and Varug a reality!

I would especially like to thank my great friend Naut, who dedicated his time and effort to create this blog from scratch together with me. Despite the little personal time he has, Naut used every free minute to bring this blog to life.

Here, you will get regular updates about the progress of the graphic novel, concept art, short comic strips and photos - all free of spoilers. Since there is so much to share with you and so little time, this blog will evolve as the months go by. Each new blog entry will give you the opportunity to communicate and share your thoughts directly with me in the comments section below.

Every new step I take to create the story will be shared here with you to make the wait time for the release go by faster. Of course, updates about all claimed perks (which include physical items) will be posted here as well!

Let's get the dragon rolling by showing you the first behind the scenes shots of one of the wallpapers you'll get. More work in progress shots like this be posted soon! :) I hope you enjoy!

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