Alector Fencer

Writer, graphic artist, director.

Alector Fencer is a professional artist, leather crafter and graphic designer living in Berlin, Germany.

Alector's passion for art began at a young age with various colours, patterns and depiction of her environment. As her work progressed, she gained a reputation for her distinctive fantasy style on DeviantArt and other internet art sites. It wasn't long before she was approached by companies and publishers asking for paintings and graphics. Alector has, to this date, been commissioned by companies such as WHV Design, Zems Fantasy Card Games and Paizo Publishing. Today, she continues to work as a successful freelance artist.

Myre was first envisioned by Alector in 2009. She is the imagination behind Myre, its characters and the adventurous world of Yria itself. It is from her that the stories, tales and images of Myre pour. She is the lead (and only) artist, director and head writer of the series.

2 Gryphon

Lead editor, co-author.

2 Gryphon is a professional stand up comic, writer, musician and film maker living in Colorado.

2 has lived with a focus on entertainment since early childhood, becoming something of a jack of all trades in content creation and production. Aside from developing and performing stand up comedy acts in front of thousands, he's also produced motion pictures and internet video and radio programming, and has been published as a fiction author and rock musician. Though his angry stage character is the most popular, he enjoys painting the proverbial canvas with many different emotions and moods, using music, images, words and whatever media he can get his hands on.

2 was inducted into the Myre team in 2014 while doing English consultation work with Alector Fencer. He is now the lead editor, co-writer, and assistant art director for the project. 2 Gryphon also continues to tour his comedy show at conventions and small comedy clubs.

EZ Wolf

Video production, creative consultant.

EZ Wolf is professional photographer and filmmaker from The Netherlands.

Next to commercial work he likes to experiment with autonomous artistic photography, and has had exhibitions at galleries and art shows around the world. Next to advanced photography, he produced and shot some remarkable films such as 'Bitter Lake', in close corporation with writer/director Shay.

Today, EZ combines his commercial work with fun, creative and artistic projects. He is also the designer of the EZCooldown cooling vests he developed for costume performers. He is the head video producer for the Myre team and responsible for the production of trailers, presentations and internet video content regarding the project.


Editor, creative consultant.

Shay is a professional writer and creative entrepreneur currently residing in The Netherlands.

During the last twelve to thirteen years, Shay has worked as a creative writer, voice actor and game designer on several video games for PC and smart phones. He also wrote, directed and provided voices for Bitter Lake and can be heard as the voice for the Eurofurence EF Prime TV channel mascot, Spikey.

He is currently busy writing the story and script for a new movie known only as Project Emerald, and has joined the Myre team as an editor, creative advisor and archivist.


Editor, creative consultant.

Isaac is a part time creative consultant and theatrical production producer when he isn't working into the late night hours as an electrical engineer in the midst of Silicon Valley.

Isaac has spent the last decade as a writer and editor in both an amateur and academic capacity. While he has authored and published several papers in academia and worked for several Fortune 500 companies as a copy editor, he writes for his own edification to pass the hours and keep the voices at bay.

Isaac joined the Myre team as an editor and creative adviser in 2013 and is currently avoiding sleep with his latest project 'The Glass Maiden'.


Editor, creative consultant.

Nico Janssen, a consummate autodidact, has been a writer, editor, anthologist and comics producer in his various poorly-concealed alter egos.

With a background in theatre, film, fiction, interface design, public speaking, voice acting and most recently photography, he'll draw on his experience in contributing to and leading countless collaborative creative enterprises to serve as dramaturg and script doctor to Alectorfencer's "Myre".

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